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Update Your Estate Management Checklist

Update Your Estate Management Checklist

October 23, 2014

It’s that spooky time of the year again where things go bump in the night ‘“ it’s all Halloween fun as long as it’s not happening in your Northern home while you’re enjoying your Florida property.Your estate manager may ensure that the operational aspects, appliances and conveniences of your home are checked regularly, that landscapers and maintenance crews are performing tasks to your specifications and even your automobiles and exercise equipment are used to avoid battery loss.  What about undetected carbon monoxide, radon, mold, insects and unseen roof damage that can leave you out in the dark?

Carbon monoxide is present with fuel burning appliances, furnaces, hot water heaters and gas ranges.  Make sure your team is checking the venting and detectors quarterly.  Radon gas can build up especially over the winter when windows and doors are closed for long periods of time.  It’s important to have your home checked regularly to ensure the levels are below the recommended amounts.

Excessive moisture can breed mold and cause your home to deteriorate especially if it goes undetected, as with damage to the roof under the weight of a heavy snow season. Your maintenance team must ensure your home is sealed to avoid moisture, insects and even animals.  Both sunlight and water can actually cause damage and saltwater is especially corrosive to all building materials, making regular detailed inspections critical.

Although your estate manager is likely handling these items behind the scenes, in this case what you don’t see is more important that what you do.