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Florida Tops List as #1 for Most Desirable State

Florida Tops List as #1 for Most Desirable State

December 22, 2015

Florida is ranked as the number one desired state in which to live according to a December 18 posting on A survey conducted by the Harris Poll put Florida back on top for the first time since 2001.

Those surveyed were asked where they would most like to live (excluding their current state). The top five came in as Florida (1), California (2), Hawaii (3), Colorado (4) and New York (5). The top three states consistently were noted as popular for sunshine and waterfront acreage. The coastal states and states with warmer clients were well represented in the ‘top 15’ list.

Florida is also well represented in the 10 most desirable cities in which to live. Miami ranks as number 5 and Orlando comes in at number 10.

Consequently, several of the states and cities that made the top 5 most desirable list also appear on the “lease desirable” list. Florida remains as the number one desirable state while also ranking the 7th lease desirable by some. Read More

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Randy Ely and Nicholas Malinosky, the #1 Luxury Team in the Beach Area.