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Home Staging Evolves

January 27, 2016

According to a January 26 posting on, home staging has evolved. Stagers are taking on full transformations of homes in order to feature a cleaner, simpler lifestyle with a little more flair and fun. Read More

‘In the age of HGTV, real estate professionals say home staging is growing in importance and becoming more sophisticated’, according to a New York Times article. Read More

Sid Pinkerton, owner of Manhattan Staging told The New York Times, ‘People are looking for more personality. It used to be more innocuous, where you didn’t really want to convey a sense of style. Now, it’s gotten a lot more modern.’

The posts states that some stagers are also adding more personal photographs rather than having the owner strip the home of all photos. ‘If a photo shows the family on vacation, that could tie into a lifestyle a buyer might want to emulate,’ says Donna Dazzo, the president of Designed to Appeal.

But stagers are also trying to keep it real. Anne Kenney, the president of Anne Kenney Associates, a New York staging company knows that ‘today’s buyer is more sophisticated, so they don’t want to see phony’. When Kenney sees a tray on a bed with a coffee cup, she thinks ‘Oh, come on. Does anybody really live that way?’

Home staging is not necessary for every home, but it is a helpful resource if and when it is needed.

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